At Running Man we understand that our clients need leading toolsets that provide solutions to work with multiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflow, and deliver content that stands out. Regardless of your challenges, our toolset empowers the best performance in any genre. We push creative limits and provide essential services and expertise to the film and television community. We keep pace with our clients demands, imagination, and technical requirements, and we do this offering the highest resolution support for any project. We are here to inspire creativity.


We feature in-house editorial suites with the latest Avid or Final Cut Pro systems. Available on either a short-term or long-term basis, these rooms are fully wired with fiber connectivity to a robust shared storage system for collaborative workflows. We can accommodate workflows of virtually any size and budget, while providing the flexibility productions need today. When schedules change or unexpected needs arise, we can add editorial or storage resources as needed. Additionally, we provide easy access to other post services including color grading, visual effects, mastering, mixing, voice recording, duplication, archive, and media encoding.

Along with editorial suites, we offer an assistant screening station, making it easy to view dailies without taking precious time from the edit. And a large comfortable room to have meetings, take phone calls, and deal with the general day to day. Our space makes an ideal home for producers, productions, and creative enterprises. We love what we do, and we do it without compromise.


Feel free to call us any time to discuss your next project.

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